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How to make the best Valentine party ideas which include Valentine party games, food and recipes, as well as creative ideas for home or a school party.

These Valentines Day party ideas include a tiny tot party, cookies and milk party, heart-shaped raviolis, heart pizza, heart fruit kabobs, red velvet macaroons, sweet pie pops, glitter play dough and glitter heart chalk.

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Be sure to check out the Tip JunkieValentine’s Daysite for decorations, party ideas, free printable Valentines, and kids craft ideas.

Valentines Day Party

1. Valentines Party {Valentine’s Day Fun} ~Valentines party inspiration for your upcoming Valentines get togethers featuring a dessert table, drink station and lots of sweet DIY projects. With afew heart trinkets, a fabric backdrop and some cake stands everything begins to come together. Beautiful!

2. Cookies and Milk Valentine’s Party ~Pretty red and white decor, a whole buffet of cookies, a matching apron and heart sugar cookie for the kids to decorate?! I think I’m in love…

3. Tiny Tots Valentine’s Party ~ This adorable Valentine’s party is perfect for tiny tots! The treat table was adorned with red chevron stripes, polka dots and the fabulous large red balloon.

Free Printable Valentine Party Games

4. Valentine’s Day Memory Game {free printable} ~ Memory is such a fun and easy game to play with children of all ages. Play this game at home as a family or during a kids Valentine’s Day party.

5. Valentine’s Day Bingo {free printable}~ Here’s a fun Valentine activity to play with family or at a school party. You could use conversation hearts for place markers. The printable is free and easy to download and print.

6. Don’t Eat Val {free printable} ~ This game is so simple your older children can play it with your toddler! It’s simple to make and even easier to play. The sky’s the limit with Don’t Eat Val! Use cereal, dinner or lunch food, as well as any kind of candy to play.

7. Don’t Eat Cupid {party games} ~ Don’t Eat Cupid! This is a spin off the game Don’t Eat Pete! It’s the easiest (and yummiest) game to play for Valentine’s day with your family or school party. Use conversation hearts or other small Valentine candy as place markers.

8. Valentine’s Day Matching {free printable} ~ Turn Hershey’s kisses into a game of matching. Simply print out the darling matching game printable and attach to the bottom of the Hershey’s kisses.

9. Valentine’s Day Game ~ A fun family or group game where players shoot q-tips through a straw into the heart-shaped bowls.

Valentine Party Food

8. Fun Valentine’s Day Fruit Alternatives ~Give them something sweet, but healthier than all of the candy they will be getting on Valentine’s Day, with these fun valentine fruit ideas. Four fun ways to serve fruit to your valentine that will let them know how much you love them and their health.

9. Chocolate Covered Strawberries~Every year when Valentine’s Day approaches, I begin dreaming about chocolate-covered strawberries.Chocolate over any fruit is delicious, but chocolate covered strawberries are just divine!

10. Four Cheese Heart Ravioli ~Why go out for Valentines Day when you could stay home and eat this festive plus yummy dish! These heart raviolis are Valentines perfection with their heart shape. Learn how to create a four cheese ravioli dish with this fabulous step by step tutorial! Your sweetheart will taste the love!

11. Valentine Heart Pizza~ Make a special Valentine’s Day dinner at home for your kids (or your sweetie). Add some heart-shaped pepperoni’s to a store bought or homemade pizza. It’s so easy. Just buy sliced pepperoni, cut heart shapes out with a small cookie cutter, and add to the pizza before cooking. This would be a sweet addition to any Valentine’s Party as well.

Valentine Party Ideas

12. A Valentine Exchange for The Ladies {Valentines Party} ~This post features lovely Valentines Party inspiration! Grab all your girlfriends and have a fun night of food, laughter and of course a valentines day card exchange. Everything is party perfection from the heart doily wrapped milk jugs, to the cookie decorating station!

13. Love is Sweet Party {Valentines Day Fun}~This Valentine’s Day dessert table is not kids stuff. The gorgeous red and white theme is elegant enough for a wedding, but perfect to celebrate a special Valentine’s night with your closest friends and that special someone. The dessert table images are filled with inspiration for special valentine treats too.

14. Valentine’s Day Party~Valentines party inspiration for your Valentines celebrations featuring a sweet dessert table, garlands, a drink station and many DIY projects.

15. I Heart Valentine’s Day Party~Talk about eye candy! This party is so yummy to look at, your guests may not even want sweets! You can find lots of inspiration for your own Valentines Day party, and the printable are available for purchase from Anders Ruff Custom Designs.

Candy and Edible Gifts

16. Red Velvet Macaroons {Valentines Day Desserts}~Macaroons might just be one of the most beautiful cookies, shape them like a heart and you have a lovely Valentines Day dessert. Perfect for a party or package a few of them up and they make a sophisticated little valentines gift! Use this recipe and tutorial to make a batch or two!

17. Triple Layer Valentine’s Day Fudge ~ The festive colorful layers in this fudge looks amazing and definitely delicious! One of the colorful ingredients is from Nestle Toll House’s bag of Valentine’s Dark Chocolate and Red Morsel Chocolate Chips.

18. Homemade Conversation Hearts {Homemade Valentine Candy} ~ Conversation hearts are a fun and traditional Valentine’s Day candy. But lets be honest they taste a little bit like chalk.

That is fine for little ones who don;t care what form their sugar comes in, but if you want all of the fun of the cute heart shaped candy with a homemade taste, check out this recipe for DIY conversation hearts. You can use the flavoring suggestions they offer or choose your favorite flavors to customize them to your taste.

19. Jello Style Marzipan Hearts {Valentine Treats} ~Melissa used her jello marzipan candy recipe to create these cute candy hearts. These treats are perfect for the dessert table at your Valentine’s Day party or would be a great edible gift, all boxed up with a pretty red ribbon. Either way they will be loved by everyone if you can get these Valentine treats out of the house before your family eats them all.

20. Chocolate Caramel Candy Oreo Pops ~These delicious Oreo truffle pops are easy to make with all store bought ingredients. Dipped in caramel, rice krispies and chocolate, they will be an unforgettable Valentine treat.

21. Sweetie Pie Pops ~A fresh baked batch of Sweetie Pie Pops makes the perfect homemade valentines gift. Teachers will love them, kids will devour them, and all of the sweetie pies in your life will feel special after you bake this easy to follow pie pop recipe.

22. Rice Krispie Valentine Treat ~You can make these in a heart shaped pan, or use a heart cookie cutter to cut them from a rectangle pan. Add melted white chocolate and let the kids top with sprinkles.

23. Strawberry Heart Cupcakes ~Create a heart-shaped cupcake with marbles! A fun project to involve the kids.

Party Favors

24. You Blow Me Away Printable Valentine {Valentines Printable} ~This is a clever valentine for your little gum lover! Made super easy with this cute printable. All you have to do is buy the gum, print the tags and you have a great little valentine that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

25. How to Make Easy Cinnamon Scented Glitter Play Dough~Forget candy, let your kids give these Sparkly Cinnamon Scented Play Dough Valentines instead! Easy four minute no-cook recipe and cute heart tag instructions. Your kids and their friends will love playing with this fun sparkly play dough.

26. I Wheelie Like You ~This is one Valentine that little boys will love to receive. Tucked inside each bag is a hot wheel toy car with the sentiment, ‘I wheelie Like You’. This is a perfect party favor for little boys that might be attending your Valentine party.

27. Free Valentine Lollipop Printable ~ If you grew up in the 80’s then you will know exactly what lyrics this is from, “you spin me right ’round baby”. Download and print these adorable printables and attach to lollipops.

28. “I Heart You” Gift Tags {free printable} ~ Attach these darling gifts tags to your party favors by simply downloading, printing and punching them out.

29. “Soda” Pop Valentine {free labels} ~ “Soda you wanna be my Valentine?” A super cute way to dress up a plain 6 pack of bottled soda and give it as a gift. Download and print the free bottle labels.

30. Homemade Glitter Chalk ~ Not only are these glitter heart chalks absolutely adorable, but they are sugar-free. The recipe to make the chalk is included as well as the free printable labels. {score}

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30 Best Valentine Party Ideas, Games, and Food – Tip Junkie (2024)


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