35 Best Hoodies For Men (2023)

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Published: Thursday January 5, 2023

Stay warm, look sharp in the best men's hoodies

35 Best Hoodies For Men (2)

Written by Max Langridge

The best hoodies for men don’t necessarily have to cost you a small fortune. After all, as long as it’s comfortable, fits well, and has a comfortable and spacious hood then it serves its purpose.

Knowing this certainly makes the search for a new one that much easier, and there are plenty of reasons to have a selection of sizes and colours in your wardrobe. After all, the hoodie has found its way into virtually all corners of modern fashion, with everyone from streetwear hipsters to corporate office workers incorporating them into their daily looks. We can’t think of too many other pieces that seamlessly float between leisure and luxury with such ease.

If you want to read up on the history of this humble piece of clothing and how to style one, check out the sections below. But if you just want to know which are the best hoodies for men right now, you can jump ahead.

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  • Origins Of The Men’s Hoodie
  • How To Wear A Hoodie
  • Hoodie Size and Rules
  • Best Hoodie Fabrics
  • Best Men’s Hoodies

Origins Of The Men’s Hoodie

Like most pieces in men’s fashion, the hoodie had humble beginnings. Sportswear label Champion began making sweatshirts in the early 1930s, adding a hood to them to protect athletes and labourers from the elements.

Meanwhile, college sporting teams began pining for warmer apparel to wear during winter, which leads to the hoodie becoming adopted by young America during the sixties. Hip-hop culture soon embraced the hoodie and today it’s become a mainstay in the modern male wardrobe with plenty of designs to choose from.

How To Wear A Hoodie

The modern hoodie is at home in smart casual circles as it is in plain casual. These days guys can wear them with virtually any other piece of upper body clothing, including a variety of jacket styles and button-up-shirts.

The zip variety, much like a blazer, can be worn open as a quick throw-on layer during cooler summer nights – zipping it halfway can help to accentuate your upper body proportions – or fully zipped up if the temperature decides to really drop.

A pullover style may look slightly smarter due to it not having a zip running down the middle, but if you need to take it off, you do run the risk of it messing up your hairstyle. Maybe not a dealbreaker for some, but something to think about regardless.

The only rule is to make sure you never go down the double hoodie route; that is, wearing one with a hooded tee (we’d hope you wouldn’t wear a hooded t-shirt anyway, but we felt we needed to make the point). If you need more tips, check out our comprehensive style guide on how to wear a hoodie.

Hoodie Size and Rules

As a rule to using hoodies to sharpen up your look, your should make sure yours is fitted, i.e. shoulders should be snug, with the sides following the drape of the torso. A billowy body immediately creates a sloppy, weekend dad style.

Think comfort and never go for a super tight fit. A nicely fitted hoodie is a far better look for dressing up and dressing down.

Best Hoodie Fabrics

Cotton jersey is the original (and the best) and is loved by athletes and now urban gents alike. The cotton stops air from penetrating (thus, keeping warm), absorbs sweat, and is breathable when body temperatures warm up underneath. A bit of polyester blended in is fine for added durability but make sure there’s cotton in the mix.

Men’s Hoodies FAQ

What can I wear with a hoodie?

The appeal of hoodies is in their versatility. They can be worn with casual weekend outfits such as with jeans and a t-shirt, or you can find slim-fit hoodies that look great underneath a blazer and in the office during the week. Both zip-up and pullover style hoodies are appropriate for either scenario, but you will want to stick to natural colours for the office. The weekend is when you can let your personality truly shine through bold colours and prints.

What colour hoodies should I buy?

We feel every man should have a black and a grey hoodie in his wardrobe to cover the basics. From here, you can start looking into other colours that can change with the seasons. Burnt orange and olive colours are perfect for autumn and winter, whereas summer calls for lighter hues such as blues, yellows and even pink.

Best Men’s Hoodies

Take a look at these brands we’ve selected for making the best hoodies for men that are comfortable, high-quality, and stylish.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (3)1/36

Price: From $98
Sizes: S-XXL
Material: Recycled polyester fabric
Customer Reviews: “Really nice hoodie—lightweight and comfortable.”

Rhone is one of our favourite retailers here at DMARGE. The American activewear company perfectly blends together its own fabric technology with timeless, staple designs that can clothe you from head to toe. It also makes Rhone’s clothing suitable for day-to-day wear, as well as in the gym or when exercising, of course.

The company’s hoodie range is a little limited compared to some other retailers, but with pullover and full-zip options available, you’re hardly left wanting. Fabrics are lightweight, soft and stretchy and will keep you warm, while minimising sweat thanks to moisture-wicking technology.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (4)2/36

Price: From $68
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: Organic French Terry cotton
Customer Reviews: “Don’t normally do reviews but this Hoodie is brilliant. Fit is great, structured well and very comfy.”

Everlane is another retailer you should add to your list of reliable clothing sources. Not only does the American brand offer an incredible range of clothing, but it is is all made from sustainable materials and in sustainable and ethical means. The retailer also lets you know how the price of each piece has been worked out, including where you money goes.

You’ll find zip-up and pullover hoodies in Everlane’s collection, with fabrics such as french terry being used for its durability. Each hoodie can also be had in a multitude of colours, meaning you can wear dark, professional colours to work and more vibrant, fun colours on your days off.

Olivers Apparel

35 Best Hoodies For Men (5)3/36

Price: From $118
Sizes: S-XL
Material: 100% Australian merino wool
Customer Reviews: “This is hands down the best hoodie I’ve ever owned.”

Olivers Apparel is a Californian-based brand that was conceived in a small workshop, a handful of fabrics and a clear goal to reimagine the very notion of menswear essentials. Positioning themselves more towards athletic-types, Olivers employs a range of high-end fabrics to deliver an eclectic range of clothing that performs far better than your average high-street retailer.

The current hoodie range co prises solely pullover designs, ideal for retaining warmth when the temperature drops, and are presented in a couple of classic looks that be dressed up or down.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (6)4/36

Price: From $70
Sizes: XS-XXXL
Material: Cotton, polyester, elastane
Customer Reviews: “Great hoodie 10/10 its very comfortable and light. Great for all weather. Would buy again and recommend.”

American sportswear brand Champion is the one we should all be thanking for the hoodie, as it was the first to devise the now-popular piece in the 1930s. Since then, Champion has only worked to improve the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of its hoodies, and still cements itself as one of the go-to brands for a fuss-free, dependable hoodie.

Whether you’re after a zip-up hoodie or a pullover, Champion has you covered, and you’ll find a quite simply huge collection in their online store. You may call us unoriginal, but our favourite has to be the company’s classic reverse weave hoodie. Available in essential colours and offering an exceptional fit, Champion’s reverse weave hood resists vertical shrinkage (something not all hoodies can lay claim to) and will last you a lifetime thanks to its double-needle construction. A true icon, in every way.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (7)5/36

Price: From $118
Sizes: XS-XXXL
Material: Organic pima cotton, hemp, Tencel™
Customer Reviews: “Super comfy. Perfect fit. I could live in it. Best naps ever with the hood up.”

New Zealand-American company, Allbirds, is dedicated to creating eco-friendly footwear and apparel made from sustainable resources. Founded in 2016, this eco-friendly company is renowned for their extremely comfortable and stylish shoes that are made with only renewable and recycled materials.

Allbirds has recently branched out into apparel and now stocks a small range of hoodies made out of cosy, soft Merino wool. Available in a few colours, Allbirds’ hoodies are extremely stylish yet sustainable.

Todd Snyder

35 Best Hoodies For Men (8)6/36

Price: From $138
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “Really dope hoodie, simple, but well made. Looks great with everything from joggers and sneaks, to jeans and boot. Gotten lots o’ compliments!”

For something a little luxe, turn your attention to Todd Snyder. The former Ralph Lauren designer turned solo fashion designer knows the exact formula to create clothing that is stylish, on-trend and made to an incredibly high quality.

Todd’s collection includes super-soft and super-warm cashmere hoodies.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (9)7/36

Price: From $138
Sizes: S-XXL
Material: Hemp, organic cotton
Customer Reviews: “The sweatshirt is really well made. Excellent material, so comfortable and the size is appropriate.”

With professional American surfer Kelly Slater manning the helm of this clothing brand, you can be guaranteed to score immediate cool points. Even better, is that everything Outerknown produces has been meticulously crafted to be as sustainable as possible. This means much of the clothing range is made from recycled materials and workers are employed through Fair Trade USA, ensuring they work in ethical conditions and receive appropriate pay for their hours.

Outerknown’s hoodie range is beach boho through and through. Innovative features such as on-seam pockets and rubberised closures help them stand out from a crowded sea of sweats and with a range of colours to choose from, you’ll do well to stock up. The variations in the garmet dyed fabric also add extra texture to this already cool hoodie.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (10)8/36

Price: From $59
Sizes: S-XXL
Material: Cotton-blend
Customer Reviews: “Beautifully cut & buttery soft. Perfect for cooler afternoons , going for a walk or hitting the range. Love my hoodie.”

Canadian company Lululemon isn’t just one to turn to for yoga clothing, in fact, the brand not only has an extensive range of activewear but a line of more casual clothing to boot.

That’s not to say the Lululemon hoodies can’t be worn for more active pursuits, as they’re made from breathable fabrics designed to keep your body warm and comfortable, without the build up of excess sweat, but are designed to look decidedly more laid back.

Flint and Tinder

35 Best Hoodies For Men (11)9/36

Price: From $118
Sizes: XS-XXXL
Material: Cotton, polyester
Customer Reviews: “I thought I knew what a good hoodie was until I bought two of these bad boys and my life was changed!”

Flint and Tinder is an American label stocked exclusively by tough, rugged, outdoor gear specialists Huckberry. In this regard, you can trust whatever you buy from the online retailer to have passed some tests to ensure that you only receive the highest-quality items possible.

The company is so confident of the durability of its clothes that it calls its hoodies ’10-year’. This literally does mean Flint and Tinder expects them to last at least 10 years, thanks to a combination of American craftsmanship and tough, weighty fabrics.

Hugo Boss

35 Best Hoodies For Men (12)10/36

Price: From $128
Sizes: S-XXXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “As Always top quality clothing from Boss would always recommend.”

German clothing brand should need no introduction. Over the years, Hugo has remained on-trend and presents its collections with styles that are immediately recognisable. No matter which clothing category you want to shop for, Hugo Boss has an extensive range catering to all colours, patterns, fits and more.

The brand’s hoodie range encompasses more urban-orientated pieces that those that can comfortably classed as athleisure wear. These pieces will look just as good in the boardroom, however, reinforcing just how much a versatile designer Hugo Boss is.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (13)11/36

Price: From $36
Sizes: XS-XXXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “Love the quality so comfortable. I need this in every color!”

British sportswear company Gymshark is one of those brands that makes you question “why didn’t I think of that?”. Its teenager-aged founder has seen exponential growth, thanks to a combination of great-looking and functional clothing and taking advantage of platforms such as Instagram for advertisement. The affordable prices also play their part.

It’s not just shorts and t-shirts for the gym in Gymshark’s clothing range either, as you’ll also find an extensive selection of hoodies too. Materials alternate been light and heavyweight for transitioning between seasons, as well as for use in and out of the gym.

Unbound Merino

35 Best Hoodies For Men (14)12/36

Price: From $170
Sizes: S-XXL
Material: Ultra-fine merino wool
Customer Reviews: “Quickly became my go-to hoodie. Lightweight and very comfortable. Will be buying more.”

Canadian clothing company Unbound Merino secures all of its Merino wool from ethical farms in Australia. It then uses this to create a premium fabric that serves up the perfect advert for this often overlooked material.

Merino wool is a perfect partner for hoodies, as it provides plenty of warmth, yet without being too overbearing. It’s breathable too, so you can stay warm whilst also remaining sweat-free.

Better still, it’s naturally odour resistant, will dry quickly, and exhibits some stretch to allow for full movement. Ideal for the man on the go.

Saturdays NYC

35 Best Hoodies For Men (15)13/36

Price: From $128
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: 100% cotton

Exuding unmistakable ‘New York cool’ through its clothing, Saturdays NYC offers its own unique collections of clothing that bring together laidback vibes and high quality craftsmanship. With the main bulk of menswear staples covered, picking out a couple of capsule pieces is a doddle.

Saturdays NYC hoodies take on various fits, colours and designs, with some rocking pictures, others emblazoned with the company logo, while others ditch both in favour of a more minimalist silhouette. Something for everyone, then.

American Giant

35 Best Hoodies For Men (16)14/36

Price: From $80
Sizes: S-XXL
Material: 100% Combed ringspun cotton
Customer Reviews: “American materials and American made!! Can’t beat it. Plus it’s warm and comfy.”

Direct-to-consumer brand American Giant makes all of its clothes in the United States. While that would normally mean prices would sky rocket, by adopting the D2C approach, American Giant is able to keep its prices firmly in the affordable category.

US-made also means quality can be closely monitored, so you get something that will genuinely last you for years. The hoodie collection includes pullover and zip-up styles, alongside waterproof and lightweight activewear options too.

J. Crew

35 Best Hoodies For Men (17)15/36

Price: From $155
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: Cotton, polyester
Customer Reviews: “This is a great hoodie. Great job of bridging fashion with a true athletic quality hoodie.”

American clothier J.Crew consistently churns out well-styled staple after well-styled staple. It’s perhaps one of the most inoffensive brands on the market today and one that is always on the hunt for the latest fabrics that combine outright quality at an affordable price point.

The company’s hoodie selection encompasses french terry and slub cotton (cotton with a slightly rough and uneven texture) fabrics, which are used to produce hoodies in a range of colours that can easily be slipped underneath a blazer or worn down with jeans at the weekend.

Mission Workshop

35 Best Hoodies For Men (18)16/36

Price: From $195
Sizes: S-XL
Material: Australian merino wool

San Francisco-based Mission Workshop is a brand committed to producing highly-durable clothes and gear (it started out making backpacks) that just look cool. Their range might be on the pricier side of the budget spectrum, but in return you get some of the hardest wearing pieces that will last you a lifetime.

Mission Workshop’s hoodie range caters to a variety of uses, including simple and soft pieces for the city, to heavyweight, waterproof versions designed to accompany you on longer outdoor adventures.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (19)17/36

Price: From $99
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “Awesome thick weight… a very hearty, substantial, and luxurious hoodie!”

British clothing brand AllSaints was founded in 1994, but it wasn’t until 15 years (and under new management) that it started to see rapid expansion. The company certainly has its own defined style, with bold patterns shirts, thin knitwear pieces ideal for layering and a range of high-quality leather jackets, AllSaints is worn by everyone from laidback grungey types to corporate city workers.

The brand’s hoodie range makes for great viewing. On one end of the spectrum you have minimal pieces that simply sport the company logo, while at the other you have hoodies with full back prints that offer a chance to really let your personality shine. They come in a variety of fits, from slim cuts to oversized (which make for great Sunday lounging pieces) and all have a air of cool not expressed by many other brands.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (20)18/36

Price: From $98
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: Organic cotton, polyester
Customer Reviews: “It’s a classic – Quality & style spectacular.”

Founded by twin brothers Mike and Alex, Faherty Brand initially set out to create the perfect board shorts, but once that was quickly out the way, expanded into other areas of clothing. The aesthetic certainly takes on a more surfer hippie vibe, making it the perfect partner for anyone who lives near the coast. The brand places a firm emphasis on sustainability, longevity and comfort.

This is exemplified in the choice of fabrics used for its range of hoodies, which, while may be more akin to something your dad would wear, are made from the likes of cashmere to provide a supersoft feel that you’ll never want to be without.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (21)19/36

Price: From $49
Material: Cotton, polyester
Customer Reviews: “Great product. I have always valued Carhartt products . Good quality and good customer service.”

Carhartt has been in operation since 1889 and has continued to be known for its range of heavy-duty clothing that comfortably fends off many of the nasties Mother Nature provides. It has since become just as much of a streetwear icon, with the ‘Work In Progress’ label being the one that frequently collaborates with some of the biggest names in fashion.

Hoodies encompass a mixture of midweight and heavyweight fabrics, with some even being able to defend against light rain showers. Typically neutral in their colour palette, Carhartt hoodies make great casual pieces that can assist in a time of need.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (22)20/36

Price: From $62
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: Cotton, polyester

Italian sportswear label Ellesse was founded in 1959 saw its popularity soar following the release of skiwear in the 1970s, as well its involvement with tennis (the logo resembles a tennis ball and the two smaller red sections are shaped like the tips of skis). Today, Ellesse has also found affinity with youth and streetwear culture, but what has remained is the company’s insistence on prominent branding, combined with soft fabrics, resulting in pieces ideally suited to lounging around, the gym or casual weekend looks.

James Perse

35 Best Hoodies For Men (23)21/36

Price: From $195
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: 100% Cotton slub
Customer Reviews: “All my favourite basics are James Perse – such great quality pieces, and excellent customer service to top it off!”

Los Angeles clothing designer James Perse literally grew up with his fingers in the fashion industry pie. His father owned a boutique in LA, Maxfield, that helped the city become known for its unique style. James designed a new cap for the store which was met with immediate success, and his clothing career was born.

Positioned more towards the higher end of the market, James Perse hoodies are made in the USA or Japan and make use of high quality fabrics that are garment dyed, making them feel personable from the very first wear.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (24)22/36

Price: From $240
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “Finally found a sweatshirt that works for me after trying several other brands.”

British clothing brand Sunspel has a long history dating back to 1860 when it was founded in Nottingham. The company is often credited with being responsible for introducing boxer shorts to the UK market, bringing them over from the US in 1947. Today the brand’s clothing range is a lot more diverse, but attention to detail and the procurement of high-quality fabrics that will last you a lifetime is as paramount as ever.

Hoodies take on classic and familiar looks, but are made from luxurious French Terry with supersoft linings that make them worth every single cent.

John Elliott

35 Best Hoodies For Men (25)23/36

Price: From $198
Sizes: XS-XXXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “Nice quality and comfort.”

John Elliott has been on a mission to perfect the art of menswear from an incredibly young age. Hardly ever seen without a pen and paper in his hand from as young at eight, the American designer was always destined for great things. Today, his eponymous clothing label is worn by some of the most famous faces on the planet and for good reason. Clothes are made from some of the finest materials around, as John is incredibly specific about the fabrics used for each piece, so will go to great lengths to source them.

The brand’s hoodies certainly fall into the essentials category, since they predominantly rock minimalist silhouettes in a range of colours. Don’t expect run-of-the-mill cotton though, as John employs a use of more durable fabrics such as French Terry in various weights.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (26)24/36

Price: From $85
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “This sweatshirt earns the highest marks I can give it.”

It’s hard to ignore sportwear giant Nike in any field of clothing, such is its popularity and level of penetration within the clothing industry. It is, therefore, no surprise that Nike has a huge range of hoodies to cater to all tastes.

The majority of Nike’s various clothing labels have their own hoodie, whether it be Nike SB, Nike Sportswear or even the highly technical Nike ACG collection.

Acne Studios

35 Best Hoodies For Men (27)25/36

Price: From $305
Sizes: XXS-XXL
Material: Cotton, polyester
Customer Reviews: “I’m redoing my wardrobe and this sweater is the perfect, high quality, casual, yet chic addition.”

Swedish brand Acne Studios is famed for its collections of understated yet versatile clothes. While it should be said that you will need to pay up for its clothing, you’ll be rewarded with items that will last for years.

Acne Studios’ hoodie range has something for everyone, with various fits on offer along with colouring and those with or without prints on the front.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (28)26/36

Price: From $60
Sizes: XXS-XXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “Nice and warm hoodie, washes well and lasts long.”

Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo can be relied upon time and time again to produce clothes that are of an impeccable quality, yet won’t break your bank. The brand has an extensive catalogue covering all menswear essentials, and that includes a solid hoodie offering.

Both zip-up and pullover styles can be had from Uniqlo and in a variety of fits and fabrics. Select hoodies are fashioned from the company’s Dry-EX fabric, which dries stupidly quickly and wicks sweat away from the body.

ASOS Design

35 Best Hoodies For Men (29)27/36

Price: From $40
Sizes: XXS-XXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “Very soft cotton and well made.”

For one of the largest choices of hoodie style, colour and fit anywhere online, head to ASOS. The British online retailer has an unfathomably large catalogue comprising practically every high-street brand you can think of. It’s own ASOS Design label is certainly one to check out, as it regularly keeps up with the latest trends, which unfortunately, tend to draw inspiration from British reality TV culture, but peruse through the collection and you’ll find some hidden gems.

Polo Ralph Lauren

35 Best Hoodies For Men (30)28/36

Price: From $155
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: Cotton, polyester
Customer Reviews: “Great fit. Very comfortable. Worth every penny spent.”

From the man who used to be a designer at Ralph Lauren to the eponymous brand itself. The Ralph Lauren polo player logo is one of the most recognisable around the world, making it one you’ll want to be seen wearing. And while you may initially think the hoodie range will comprise solely of the common selection of navy, grey and white zipped or pullover options, there are actually a number of more informal pieces with pops of colour just waiting to be snapped up.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (31)29/36

Price: From $600
Sizes: XS-XXXL
Material: Cotton, lyocell

Dsquared2, founded by Canadian-born twins Dean and Dan Caten, is an Italian clothing brand that, while definitely veers into ‘expensive’ territory, is able to command such a premium because their clothing is just that good. You won’t find the ‘menswear essentials’ here, but instead, classic pieces given a uniquely Dsquared2 infusion.

Hoodies, for example, may use traditional materials such as French Terry, but benefit from Italian craftsmanship and the twins’ fun and exciting vision, making the brand truly one of a kind.

Reigning Champ

35 Best Hoodies For Men (32)30/36

Price: From $200
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “Best hoodie I’ve owned. A bit pricey, but the quality is clearly evident.”

Reigning Champ was founded in 2007 by Craig Atkinson in Vancouver, Canada. The brand has focused their efforts on creating the ultimate basic hoodie with premium mid-weight loop-back French terry.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (33)31/36

Price: From $158
Sizes: S-XXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “Can’t recommend Represent enough. The product quality is unmatched.”

Represent has never introduced change for it’s own sake. It has chosen instead, to refine constantly the design of garments. Each development is analysed carefully to ensure that it not only meet’s the brother’s meticulous standards but adds to the luxurious pleasure to be discovered when handling the garment. Their hoodie range features super soft garments made with high quality fabrics, and are in an oversized fit for a luxury streetwear look.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (34)32/36

Price: From $99
Sizes: S-XXL
Material: 100% Cotton
Customer Reviews: “I love this hoodie. The quality is fantastic, super high-quality material!”

Talentless stand strongly behind their quality goods that last a lifetime. The brand’s goal from the start has been to constantly implement luxurious, timeless pieces that serve as an effortless addition into men and women’s wardrobes.

Talentless has a huge range of hoodies in both block colours and printed graphics. Made with premium fabrics, Talentless has extremely cool hoodies that’ll last you for years to come.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (35)33/36

Price: From $160
Sizes: XS-XXL
Material: Organic cotton

Founded in 2016, CDLP is a design house of focused, luxury essentials within the categories of underwear, tops, swim, performance, and home. Developed with innovation in Sweden, the line is consciously constructed in Europe using future-orientated materials.

CDLP’s hoodies are designed with a robust, boxy fit, semi-dropped shoulder and tonal embroidered logo. Made of a recycled and organic cotton blend in a loopback knit, these hoodies – available in a few neutral colours – are breathable, durable, and have moisture-wicking properties.

Gym King

35 Best Hoodies For Men (36)34/36

Price: From $55
Sizes: XS-XXXL
Material: Polyester, elastane
Customer Reviews: “Gym King’s clothes are 100% quality.”

Founded in 2015, Gym King is dedicated to producing smart streetwear and activewear. The global brand is based in the UK, and is renowned for their high-quality yet stylish clothing for both men and women.

Gym King has a huge range of hoodies in multiple styles, fits, and colours. Extremely comfortable and made with premium fabrics, Gym King’s hoodies are quite versatile and are perfect for the gym, running errands, travelling, casual get-togethers, and relaxing at home.

Public Rec

35 Best Hoodies For Men (37)35/36

Price: From $78
Sizes: S-XXL
Material: Pima cotton, TENCEL®
Customer Reviews: “My second Go-To Hoodie from Public Rec. It looks great just like my previous one, amazing quality, fits great, the fabric feels soft but not thin.”

Public Rec, founded in 2015, set out to make comfort look good. They achieved this by releasing a line of athleisure clothing that’s stylish, high quality, tailored, and, above all, comfortable.

Public Rec has a huge range of men’s hoodies, all of which are extremely versatile and can be worn for workouts, running errands, or just chilling at home. Available in multiple colours, all of Public Rec’s hoodies are extremely soft and feature hidden zipper pockets.


35 Best Hoodies For Men (38)36/36

Price: From $165
Sizes: XXS-XXL
Material: 100% Organic cotton
Customer Reviews: “I’ve been shopping with Pangaia for my entire family for 18 months now. I love what they stand for and the quality of their apparel is truly second to none!”

PANGAIA is a direct-to-consumer materials science company bringing breakthrough textile innovations and patents into the world through everyday lifestyle products. Every technology the brand work’s with aims to solve an environmental problem of the fashion/apparel & nature industry. The result is sustainably made clothing that’s impeccably high-performing.

PANGAIA has a huge range of responsibly made hoodies that are made with recycled cotton and recycled cashmere. Super soft and warm, these hoodies are available in multiple styles and colours.



What brand makes high quality hoodies? ›

Some of the most popular hoodie brands include Nike, Champion, and Supreme, but we've also included plenty of affordable hoodie brands to shop from too, available at retailers like Amazon and Nordstrom.

What is the best color for hoodies for men? ›

COLOR. As ever, gray, navy, and black are the no-brainers that will get the most wear but consider khaki, off-white, or brownish tones for alternative neutrals. If you want to make a statement, bold reds and yellows will do the job, although a mint green or purple gives you a more subtle way to stand out.

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The Best Men's Hoodies of 2023
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  • Mountain Hardwear MHW Mighty Five Pullover Hoody. ...
  • Ami De Coeur Hoodie. ...
  • Todd Snyder Midweight Full Zip Hoodie. ...
  • Jacquemus Le Sweatshirt. ...
  • Merely Made Cotton-Fleece Hoodie. ...
  • Luca Faloni Pure Cashmere Hoodie. ...
  • John Elliott Beach Hoodie.
May 25, 2023

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SizeChest Measurement
6 more rows

What are high-end hoodies made of? ›

100% cotton, fleece, or French Terry are used to make a high-quality sweatshirt or hoodie. Low-quality hoodies, on the other hand, are constructed of a combination of Cotton and Polyester. This is due to the low cost of polyester, which makes it ideal for mass production.

What is the most expensive hoodie in the world? ›

High-end clothing brand Overpriced.™ debuted its first NFT-linked hoodie, which sold for a record $26,000 USD at auction. NFT stands for non-fungible token. HYPEBEAST wrote an in-depth explainer on the popular blockchain asset last month.

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One of the reasons why a grey hoodie is such a versatile piece is that it goes with almost anything. This makes it a great option for those who want to create a variety of different looks without having to buy a lot of different clothes.

How should a hoodie fit a guy? ›

When it comes to length, the hoodie should end right below your belt or so; otherwise, it's too short or too long. Take note of the sleeves – they should end at the same spot as your shirts and not cover your hands. The neck should be big enough to put the hoodie on but not too big that it shows too much.

What hoodie size is best? ›

Unisex Hoodies Size Chart

If you're a guy and you wear a medium, choose a medium. If you're a woman and would like a snug fit typical of modern activewear, choose a size down from what you normally wear.

What is considered an expensive hoodie? ›

A basic hoodie from a low-end retailer can cost between $20 and $30, while a high-end designer hoodie can cost up to $100 or more. A good price for a hoodie, on the other hand, would typically fall between $40 and $60 for a high-quality product from a well-known brand, made of good material, and with a stylish design.

Are Gildan hoodies good? ›

The prints come out vibrant and have good longevity, meaning they can withstand numerous washes without fading. The Gildan 18500 Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie has air-jet spun yarn, contributing to the hoodie's soft feel, durability, and resistance to pilling.

What size should a 5'11 man wear? ›

Height130 -150 LBS200-210 LBS
9 more rows

Is size 36 medium or large? ›

measuring for dress size
SA SizeSA SizeWaist (cm)
4 more rows

Is a size 36 a XL? ›

large (L)= 36/32 (waist/length) extra large (XL) = 38/32 (waist/length)

Why is Louis Vuitton Supreme hoodie so expensive? ›


Some people collect limited edition fashion pieces so they are willing to buy those at higher prices than from buying directly. Supreme is also known for its collaborations with other brands such as The North Face, Nike, Dover Street Market, Vans and others.

Are Balenciaga hoodies good quality? ›

As a luxury brand, Balenciaga is dedicated to using high-quality materials and employing skilled craftsmanship in the creation of their garments. This results in hoodies that are not only comfortable and stylish but also durable and long-lasting.


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