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From big-ticket items, like a television, to smaller necessities, like bottle openers, get this gear for the big game.

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In 2022, the Super Bowl saw a bit of a popularity rebound and attracted a whopping 99.18 million live TV viewers — up from a little under 92 million the year before. The point is: the Super Bowl is not just the NFL’s biggest event of the year; it’s one of the biggest television events, period. It also happens to be the perfect opportunity to throw a viewing party with all your closest friends and family (just remember to be cautious and careful, as the COVID pandemic is still very much a thing over three years later, now).

But throwing a Super Bowl party is not as simple as ordering a couple of pizzas and turning your TV onto the right channel — not if you want to do it right, that is. If you want to be the big hero come Sunday, February 12 when the eight remaining NFL teams will be whittled down to just the two facing off at Arizona’s State Farm Stadium, you’ll want to start outfitting your home, backyard and/or wherever else with the gear necessary to get it done properly — figuring out your recipes isn’t a bad idea either. But you don’t have to figure that out for yourself, as we’ve wrangled together everything you need to throw the ultimate Super Bowl party below.


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A good host knows that a party starts well before people get there, and the Super Bowl is no different. This is the gear you’ll need to make sure you’re prepped before the big game. That way, once kickoff happens, you can get out of the kitchen and enjoy.

For all your snack-baking needs, this set of oven pans from famed kitchenware brand Le Creuset is a surefire safe bet. Better still, they’ll probably last until your next big party and the one after that and the one after that.

Everything You Need to Throw the Ultimate 2023 Super Bowl Party | Gear Patrol (5)Amazon

Netgear Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo

With cable TV in its death throes, there’s a high likelihood you’re going to be streaming the big game via the internet. But you don’t want to be caught dead buffering in the middle of it, so it might be time to upgrade your Wi-Fi modem-router combo to something more high-speed.

Honestly, you should already have a solid chef knife in your kitchen. But in the off chance that you don’t, this one will do the trick, especially when you need to do a bunch of prep work for your Super Bowl party. It also just so happens to be our top pick from our chef knife guide.

This co*cktail shaker looks great, full stop. But what really makes it an enticing find for a football party is that it was made for outdoor usage, so it’s especially tough — even if you or your guests drop it a few times.

Ideal for keeping all your beer, canned beverages, water, ice and whatever else ice-cold for days at a time, you can’t go wrong with this high-capacity Yeti cooler for your Super Bowl party.

Whether you intend to bartend yourself or let people make their own drinks, this cart will keep the liquor convenient and, maybe more importantly, mobile. It definitely helps that it looks great, as well.

You’ll probably rely heavily on your oven and grill for this major sporting holiday, but there’s always a chance you’ll need to call an audible and cook something on the stovetop. Well, this pan can fry, steam, saute and more — making it the perfect pickup.

Especially if you live somewhere that isn’t buried in snow, a backyard grill is one of the best ways to make a high volume of football-appropriate foods. This one, which boasts a bevy of handy features including WiFi control (so you can keep grilling even when you take a couch break), happens to be our all-around favorite.

If you’re going to be serving food, you’ll need a means of serving it. That’s where these platters come in. They’re simple, timeless, handy (thanks, handles!) and easy to clean up when you’re done.

The Main Event

Everything You Need to Throw the Ultimate 2023 Super Bowl Party | Gear Patrol (13)Dmytro Aksonov

The biggest game of the year deserves tech and other gear capable of capturing all its glory. For premium enjoyment, you might want to prep your living room with this gear to make the viewing experience top-notch for everyone in attendance.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, you don’t want to miss a second or a pixel of the action. As such (and if you’ve got a big enough wall) you might want to opt for a projector instead of a TV — like this one with its 4K HD quality, ability to throw a 100-inch image and more.

You won’t be watching much football unless you have a TV. But not all TVs are created equal. This one is perfect for a big party with its grandiose display, 4K quality, 120Hz refresh rate and more. And guess what? It’ll still be great after the party, too.

With tensions and excitement high, you’re going to want to make sure your bottle opener can take a bit of punishment. This one is extra tough, thanks to its all-iron handmade construction, and has the added benefit of looking spectacular on top of that.

If you want to up the stakes of the big game, one of the simplest, most entertaining ways is by having your party attendees bet the score spread. This chalkboard will go a long way toward helping you keep track of who bet on what scores.

Real talk: your TV’s built-in speakers just aren’t very good. To get the full cinematic experience, we’d suggest upgrading to something like the Dolby Atmos-compatible Sonos Beam soundbar, so you’ll hear every hit like you’re down on the field.

Depending on how many people you’re having over, you may need additional seating. And these folding chairs, while being collapsible and decently easy to store, also have a more forgiving padded seat and back for your guests’ comfort.

You’re definitely not going to want to use your good china for a football party. We suggest you opt instead for these disposable plates, which are compostable for a bit more sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Not all disposable cups are made to the same standard. These ones from Ball, for instance, are crafted from aluminum, so they’re tougher than those red Solo cups, as well as being more environmentally friendly, as they can be recycled.

If you have the room to spare and you really want to feel every hit during the Super Bowl, you can’t go wrong with this home theater sound system from Klipsch. Obviously, it also makes for a great home theater setup — so good you might never go to a real theater again.

While Fox has the exclusive TV rights for this year’s Super Bowl, you can actually stream it live online with a Hulu subscription. If you don’t have cable or some other means, you may want to invest in a Hulu membership ahead of time. Trust us, you don’t want to be scrambling to figure out how to watch the game on the day of.


Everything You Need to Throw the Ultimate 2023 Super Bowl Party | Gear Patrol (24)Dyson

Sadly, the host is almost always the one saddled with cleanup duties, especially after a likely messy Super Bowl party. If you’re that host and you want to make things a little easier on yourself, all while giving your guests a proper farewell, this gear might help.

Even if you primarily utilize disposable cutlery and dishware, you’re still probably going to have a lot of stuff to wash in the kitchen. These gloves are all about efficiency and convenience and they’ll help you get the job done quickly while keeping your hands dry.

Not only does this trash can’s capacity, clocking in at 45L, suit moderately-sized parties, but it also operates hands-free. That means, whether your mitts are full or dirty (or both), you can still open the bin to toss your trash.

Cleanup after any party is a real chore, but it’s worse after a high-energy event like the Super Bowl. But you can make quick work of it with a Dyson stick vacuum, especially the Outsize Absolute+ with its full-sized bin, numerous attachments and unrivaled suction.

Cleanup after any party is a real chore, but it’s worse after a high-energy event like the Super Bowl. But you can make quick work of it with a Dyson stick vacuum, especially the V8 Absolute, which just so happens to be our top pick for the best stick vacuums you can buy.

If there’s anything worse than cleaning up trash after a party, it’s mopping floors, like tile and hardwood. Of course, if you have this iRobot robo-mop, you can let technology work in your favor and get those floors clean without having to get your own hands dirty, figuratively and literally.

You might be a little wiped out after hosting your Super Bowl party, and some of your guests might have a long drive ahead. Kill two birds with one stone courtesy of this outstanding coffee maker that can brew up to 40 ounces of bean juice in one go.

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