Roasted Fish With Ginger, Scallions and Soy Recipe (2024)



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I have lived on Cape Cod since 1970,and have been blessed to live near the Chatham fishing fleet.My favorite way to prepare fish,whether sole,cod,scallops,striped bass or whatever has just come in,is to saute on high heat in a bit of olive oil on moderate high heat.Place fish on plate,deglaze pan with vermouth,add a bit of butter,add chopped scallions,or chives,or fresh dill or parsley(or all),put fish back in pan for a minute,squeeze fresh lemon,and serve.

Olivia Jennings

My husband cooked this for us last night using cod. He added a little miso and sake and it was so good, I wanted to lie down and scream. He loves no-recipe recipes.


Used salmon instead of white fish. Excellent!! Cooked 3min, added sauce, 4 min more. Just barely cooked enough. Careful not to overcook.Used 2tbs soy, 2 tbs Rice wind vinegar, 4 tbs soy, ginger (minced, grating failed miserably), sesame oil, garlic, scallions.Go easy on salting the fish - the sauce is very salty.Definitely - rice is an excellent side. (Required, actually!)

Rugby Cook

#Tom, miso will add an umami punch to the sauce. When you’re looking for a depth of flavor, miso is a great tool to have at your disposal.


@ Maggie -- actually, seafood farming is a bit more complicated than simply "don't buy." In fact, in some cases, it's the best alternative. As consumers, we have to be pretty careful about this, but it's all explained by the Monterrey Seafood Watch:


I’ve started roasting fish fillets directly from frozen, using a similar sauce. I just let the frozen fillets sit in a roasting pan with the sauce on top while the oven preheats to 425. I cover the pan with foil and roast for 5 mins, then remove the foil and continue roasting until the fish is done. Based on this recipe, I’ll try holding off on the sauce until after the 5 minutes under foil.


I have this same recipe in my kitchen arsenal with a few twists. I often use a fatty salmon, julienned scallions, and my secret (I'm only sharing with you) sauce is tempura sauce with which I add a little water, sugar and hot sesame oil. We often eat it over white rice garnished with cilantro. My 8-year old always asks for seconds!


this was great. I used local farmed rainbow trout that looks and tastes like salmon. Needed a bit more time than suggested but the result was wonderful. Next time I will add a bit of miso to the sauce, reduce the soy sauce and up the ginger and garlic.


I used walleye pike and this was delicious! I poured the sauce onto the fish and baked for about 10 mins. perfect! started some broccolini a bit earlier with a little of the sauce and it all finished together. I served with rice. Used a ratio of about 5T soy to 2T mirin rice wine with a splash of sesame oil, some togarashi pepper flakes and miso to the marinade. Grated 1 garlic clove and a chunk of ginger as well. This is a make again recipe for sure!


#Tom - Use the white miso to make a simple miso soup and that will explain the wonderful taste it adds. Red miso is better with stronger sauces, e.g. tomato sauce, rich stews, etc. The white is for milder sauces, e.g. bechamel. Simple Miso4 cups water.1 tablespoons nori (or wakame seaweed, shredded)3 Tb miso.3 green onions (a.k.a. scallions, chopped)1 8 oz. pkg firm silken tofu (cut into 1-inch cubes)Optional: dash soy sauce (omit for a gluten-free soup)OR - You can buy instant pkg.


I have to think it's just part of the modern trend where people don't cook fish all the way. I like my fish either cooked through or raw like sashimi but not done rare or medium rare, so I cooked mine all the way through. I don't think it matters for this recipe – – cook the fish how you like it.


It's a ratio - for each tablespoon of rice wine or sherry, add a few tablespoons of soy sauce. You can just mix to taste but its a starting point.


This recipe was delicious! I used 5 tbsp soy and 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar and added 1 tbsp white miso as well. Roasted the fish for 10 minutes as they were thick fillets and accompanied it with oven roasted bok choi, a wonderfully easy weeknight meal!


Miso = umami

Rrose Selavy

My ideal recipe: fast, healthy, delicious, minimal cleanup. I used branzino direct from the freezer. Rinsed, dried, rubbed with oil alongside baby bok choy on a sheet of parchment, which I slid onto the hot pan. Left unseasoned, since the sauce is plenty salty, Cooked 10 minutes, slathered with sauce, and cooked another 10. Perfection. Next time I will double the sauce so I have extra to spoon on top while eating. Had time while it cooked to whip up Eric Kim’s peanut butter Parmesan noodles.


I serve it with miso rice, which adds some extra umami. Just mix a couple tablespoons miso paste into the water before adding rice.

Sarah D

So delicious and easy. A go-to from now on.


Baking takes more like 25 min


Liz ( 2 years ago), thanks for sharing Byron's recipe, which includes tamarind concentrate. Tamarind adds a nice fruity, tart flavor that works well with soy and ginger/garlic. It's an ingredient in most Pad Thai recipes. It will complement the fish nicely. If using tamarind, I would suggest lime juice, not vinegar. All other ingredients will complement nicely. The tamarind will also give flavor with out adding sodium.


Used sole fillets. Was dead easy to make and the finish didn’t take long at all so make sure everything else is ready to go before you start it. Reheated well the next day for lunch.


We really dig this non-recipe with any whitefish. We make extra sauce, which is great with baby bok choy or broccoli. Served with rice.


I think Sam is the king! This technique is perfect -I've made it many times -this time with a side of fried rice (sort of) with lots of vegetables and chinese sausage (junk food for sure but tasty.)

Heather A

SO delicious and I love the freedom to play - I put some Gojuchang in the dressing and it sang!Served with Kale Sautéed with Ginger, Garlic and Chili oil. So yummy!


Thanks to the person who posted the link to the Monterey fisheries site. That will be helpful. Always appreciate hints.


Made it with salmon instead of a white fish. It was great, but required more cooking time.


Super tasty and very easy prep. I used basa filets that I had in my freezer. I mixed 3 cloves of garlic, 2 Tbsp minced ginger, soy sauce, 1 Tbsp white miso, a spoonful of Fly by Jing chili crisp, and a ton of scallions. Did not season the fish with salt and pepper. Roasted for 15 min at 425 along with some seasoned baby bok choy (a little oil, minced garlic and oyster sauce). Paired with some multi grain rice to soak up the incredible sauce. Def going into the weeknight rotation!


Used cod -- served with polenta (cooked in chicken stock). Didn't add salt -- even with low-sodium soy sauce, it was rather salty for our taste. Our fish was thicker, so the roasting took a little longer. We liked it.

Alexandra Hall

I know this sounds a little bizarre, but I added diced ripe red plum to the dish (thinking of the tradition of Chinese plum sauce), and its sweet/sourness was killer with the acid/tang of the soy and rice wine in the sauce for the fish.


I used about 2-3X more mirin than soy, grated ginger, garlic, & sesame oil. Peppered fish and a smidge of salt from my grinder. Other comments made me wary of salting the fish AND using soy sauce, good to consider. I followed the 2 min suggestion, but fish was 3/4 translucent, only opaque on outside - thick fillet of halibut. I brushed it again after another 6 min in oven, total roasting time roughly 8 min. Added more fresh green onion after plating. Wish I had used more grated ginger.

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Roasted Fish With Ginger, Scallions and Soy Recipe (2024)


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